27 August 2017 @ 09:25 am
Posting for [community profile] wip_amnesty

45/100 Luhan icons
for [ profile] fandom365days

The rule of [ profile] fandom365days is simple, one prompt is posted every day, we have approximately 48 hours to make an icon before the prompt is closed. During the course of one year (365 days) we need to finish 100 icons with our claim as the subject. I kept making these commitments, but 365 days is a long period and many times I got less emotionally invested in the subject thus lost my motivation to continue. I've made 7 similar claims in total (past and current) and there's only one claim I finished to 100 icons so far.

I was cleaning up the other day and it's sad to see this batch as yet another abandoned claim. I feel like I did a great job with most of them! The comm is now inactive, so even if I want to continue and ask for extension, I can't. I guess it's time to let this go.

45 icons + 5 alternates )
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