05 May 2012 @ 08:17 am
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Okay, here are my thoughts on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4 Reunited episode. Given the nature of the show the past seasons, this time they are doing it the unconventional way. Ru stated that it was to prevent the name of the winner to leak before the show ends, but of course, behind it there's also a marketing strategy to get more views and ratings (and it worked).

The show starts and it felt weird to see RPDR in front of a live audience. Usually drag queens perform in small, dark nightclubs, so it's like taking something underground to the mainstream (if it isn't there already). There was also a proud feeling inside of me knowing how this show was when it first started in 2009, and how far it has grown. The opening number was cute, simple but neat, and I love how they arrange the top three to wear gold and the rest of the contestants in black. Since I did a review on all the queens in my first ever Season 4 post of RPDR, let me go back and review everyone again now.

Alisa Summers
She's cute and pretty. I like her make-up. I wish we could've seen more from her on the show, but girl your post-apocaliptic couture was busted. And your make-up back then, too. (it's not helping that I'm not a fan of breast plates either)

LaShauwn Beyond
She's interesting. I don't like her personality and her whiny voice, but when it comes to designing and sewing her own clothes, bitch got mad skillz. I've seen pics of her from various events and she always came up with unique looks that she designed herself. She's young and talented, but wasn't ready for the competition.

The Princess
UGH I LAHVE. Love the make-up, love the hair, love the outfit. She has a great sense of fashion, and she's a fierce walker! I love seeing her stomping down the runway again. She's great and I love her, unfortunately, she's not for reality TV. She just doesn't have the right attitude and personality for it. (still fierce though!) One thing I don't like from The Princess would be, most of the time, I think her boobs are too big. I mean, her style is androgyny, she doesn't need that big pair of boobs. (did I mention that I hate boobs?)

Madame LaQueer
Hmm, quite polished, but still not funny.

Hmm... she's okay, I don't hate her and she looked great. DON'T RIP YOUR WIG.


FLAW-FREE. She is fierce. She's smart and funny and I think she stole the whole reunion show. No wonder a lot of people on ONTD said she should've won it all in the episode discussion post. RuPaulogize was the word of the night, and my favorite line were "Here is my stickers. They're scented. They smell like a sticker." And of course, her "bullshit" sneeze and poker face after. Some criticized her make-up that night, but I love it. I love her and her trademark fish lips.

Dida Ritz
Dida looks great. And I think she's taking notes about the wigs, she no longer wears those awful wigs that look like you just took them from the trash. I love the storyline about her family, such a sweet moment.

Kenya Michaels

Latrice Royale
She's awesome and she has a warm personality, and people are all over her. I don't think she's as good as people think though. When she was eliminated, her look were awful and as TLo said, she hasn't show any improvement since she first came into the show. She has the personality, but not the determination. Watching the last couple of episodes before her elimination, I couldn't see her as a winner.

NOW ON TO THE TOP THREE ... this post is taking me forever

Phi Phi O'hara
I'm not the only one who sees Neon Hitch when she came out.

Chad Michaels
Class act. She's always polished and perfect.

Sharon Needles
LMAO what is she wearing. She's crazy, she doesn't give a fuck and that is why we love her.

Top Three & RuPaul

Ru looks flawless as usual. Love her make-up, love her hair, love her gown. I can't believe she's a 51 year old man.

Um, okay. Phi Phi, WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? I seriously don't know what she's thinking, this outfit makes her look fuller than she probably is, the make-up, the posture, and the hair aren't helping AT ALL. I know you want to show some legs, but girl, this is the night when one of you gets crowned, please dress to the occasion.

I love Sharon's lace gown, it's very her, classy yet edgy, very fitting for a crowning scene since I hated the outfit and hair she chose to wear in the top three episode. This is not a breathtaking look though, since I've seen photos of her wearing the exact same wig and or gown in different events (not in the exact combination but you get what I mean). This is the crowning episode, I want to see a look that is stunning and different.

Chad also looks great, pretty and flawless as usual. Her gown is very flowy, very fitting for a crowning scene. Of course she wears her hair down, in anticipation for if she wins, the tiara will fit nicely on her wig (unlike Sharon who most definitely doesn't give a fuck about the crown lol)

As much as I dislike Phi Phi, I do feel bad for the amount of hate she's getting. She's so young yet so hated, it must've feel awful to be hated by so many people who doesn't even know you.

The crowning is as I said on twitter, dull and fake. I already knew that it was the second take, and I didn't want to see it, I want to see the real coronation! I want to see the moment when Sharon truly finds out that she wins! I'm truly happy that Sharon won and I think she deserves it, but I still want to see genuine emotion and not some half assed staged 'yay I won' moment. I didn't see the stream and I look everywhere for the coronation moment before I finally found one that is fan made on YouTube.

OKAY! And that, was the end of Season 4 of RuPaul's Drag Race. I don't know if the reunion special is going to be a habit, but I really hope they'd get the finale episode back to what it was before. Do the reunion and the coronation party any way that you like, but please, leave the finale just like it was before. I'm not going to elaborate further as I will write more about my favorite Miss Needles in one of my inspiration post.
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