19 April 2012 @ 08:24 am
Everything in my life seemed to be in the wrong place the last couple of weeks.

I had sinusitis since Monday last week, and it was awful. I'm allergic to dust mites and I sneeze a lot when my allergy is triggered, but I never had bad sinusitis experience caused by it, not that I remember. Sinusitis is so annoying, it just won't go away!! I rested, ate a lot, drink lots of warm water, inhale transpulmin steam using my mom's prehistoric inhalator, sleep without air conditioner, but it just still won't go away. I HATE. It gave me headaches, fatigues, numbness, toothaches, and overall sickness. I woke up on Sat, 6 days after, with sore throat and no voice at all. Went to the doctor and had to pay $55 for drugs and stuff and I HATE IT. And here I am 5 days after the doctor visit and I'm still not 100% well. I read online that sinusitis lasted from 10 days to three weeks at the very least, ugh.

While I am still sick and taking drugs, my bosses of course want me to arrange meetings and accompany them for site visits. SITE VISITS. To dirty and damn hot places all over town. Can we pick a better time for this? After site visits, of course I have to make the reports which result in going home late almost every day this week.

Another thing that bothers me since last week is the fact that Phi Phi is in the top 3 and possibly will win it all. This week's ep is just a rewind and I don't like rewinds ... it's fun and funny but we need the finale ep, GDI!

All that plus the fact that I am not inspired at all to work on any graphics. So as much as I hate to do it, I'm dropping out of inspired20in20. It's really hard. And while sick and got nothing to do, I get bored as hale pretty easily.

I haven't been feeling like blogging or commenting at comms a lot until today when I saw Carolina posted that she's going to participate in this '100 Things Blogging Challenge'. OMG something I find interesting and exciting that I want to take part in, finally!

Basically, you commit to blog 100 times on a topic that you choose yourself.

I really want to do these two things :
100 crafty things that I make/did myself
100 interesting and inspiring people

... though I doubt I have a hundred on the last one, hmm. But yay! Excited!
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