02 August 2017 @ 07:09 pm
I haven't done anything to fix the broken images I hosted on Photobucket. They look unpretty, but I'm pretty sure no one is visiting any of my blogs so I don't feel the urgency to fix everything immediately. It's just too much work, too much hassle. Photobucket has been changing their terms and conditions several times over the past decade I've been using it and to be frank I never read any of their emails (moreover their latest terms and conditions). I noticed the broken images on my blog and thought that I have gone over my bandwidth for the month. I thought that is weird, considering the pics I hosted there are tiny mood theme items and icons, there is no way my blog generated so much views that my account ran out of the free bandwidth. Normally when you ran out of bandwidth, the pictures you hosted on PB will be replaced temporarily with their placeholder image, and will be back when the bandwidth quota is reset at the beginning of the next month. However, this time the placeholder images aren't going away, I checked the P500 thing they demanded me to upgrade to just to find out the price for that plan is $39.99 per-month which is too expensive. I gave up and just let my broken images as it is while I think of the best way to fix this. I was a paying customer for a couple of years but for the most times I was just a freeloader so I knew a time like this would come. EVERYTHING now comes with a subscription plan and Photobucket is no exception.

It was only after I googled 'photobucket alternative' that I realized how big of a problem this was worldwide. I know people hotlink images to forums and blogs, but didn't know that people also linked images hosted on Photobucket on sites like ebay and even Amazon. I could see why PB made this decision, they've operated since 2003, hosted billions of images and 75% of their expenses is to pay server fee for images uploaded on free accounts. It's never easy to change policy and make people pay for what used to be a free service. There will be outrage. There will be complaints. But as I mentioned above, I don't care that much. It was a free service and I was enjoying benefits without paying or seeing any ads for years. I knew that things wouldn't be free forever. They could've notified their users beforehand, yes. They could've provided a better pricing plan, I agree, but I don't feel like I have the right to be outraged when something I used for free suddenly goes away.
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07 August 2012 @ 12:28 pm
Well the first is more of a frustrating, unsettling, and upsetting RL news )

On other news, today on facebok I found posts from some of my online friends about our old blogging platform that was about to shut down. They transformed from social media blogging service to just focus on e-commerce because apparently, that part was the most active especially in Indonesia and the Philipines. Wow, how different it has became. I tried several blogging sites and I settled for that one for quite some time (2004-2009). I got annoyed by how everyone friended everyone, it became a race to get the most friend or promote stuff on other people's wall. It ruin the fun for me so I left. I haven't settle with anything else since, I post in a lot of different places, I use twitter, facebook, tumblr, livejournal, blogspot, wordpress and now I settled myself here. But every blog I've ever wrote or post anything in has a trace of me. And it's kinda sad to know that they're closing (or transforming into an online market - whatever). Especially I used to put everything about my life on there - EVERYTHING. From stuff that I make myself to music that I listen to, from photos of my house to photos with friends and family, from fandom stuff to real life rants and stories aaahhh... I miss it. Sometimes I look for something that I remember I post there, and I have to go through several pages to finally find it. At times I got lost in my own posts, reading through my memories of the past and stories of the old times. The site might go down - but the memories won't.
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13 February 2012 @ 02:12 pm
This is a decision that I *might* regret later on. Not because it's a bad one, but because I know, this decision might lead me to something I can't control. I can only hope I wouldn't be crazy obsessed about it. Yesterday, I've offered my help for one of Sharon Needles fan blogs on tumblr, fuck-yeahsharonneedles. There are a lot of fan blogs of hers, but this is the one I've been following. Plus, looking at the page they already have 4 people as their group members, which means there is a big possibility that they'll let me in, rather than if I apply to help to a one man blog. So I observe the blog to check who is in charge amongst the 4 of them, whom I could message to beg to join? Hmm. I decided to send a message to a girl who seemed to post the most. She has no problem with me joining, and a couple hours later ... I was in.

I actually have some advices to these kids though. I'm a fuck yeah blog veteran so I know my way around it.

taxcha's wise words )
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07 February 2012 @ 08:47 am
(1) On Blogging
Yesterday I was re-visiting my old blog(s). Some of the entries are so much fun to read I was seriously considering to import my blog content from LJ to DW.
But soon I realized, I didn't want it. )

So yeah, I'd rather start a fresh new blog with a more positive attitude and forget about the dark past lol.

(2) Help! I might be obsessed with Sharon Needles!
I started watching season 4 of RuPaul's Drag Race without any expectation. I didn't try to find out who the contestants are beforehand, I didn't try to remember when the show will premier, I wasn't even sure if I'm going to watch it. Either I think that this season might be shitty, or IDK I was scared that I'm going to be overly obsessed about it just like last year.
turns out )

AAAND today is the airing of second episode!!! AAAAAHHHH *runs around in circle in excitement* Though I probably wouldn't be able to see it until I'm off work (or worse tomorrow, or even worse til the download link appears which is only god knows when) *sobs*.

I might will start using creepy icons of her and start making picspams of 'Sharon Needles moments' episode review or something.
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