07 August 2012 @ 12:28 pm
Well the first is more of a frustrating, unsettling, and upsetting RL news )

On other news, today on facebok I found posts from some of my online friends about our old blogging platform that was about to shut down. They transformed from social media blogging service to just focus on e-commerce because apparently, that part was the most active especially in Indonesia and the Philipines. Wow, how different it has became. I tried several blogging sites and I settled for that one for quite some time (2004-2009). I got annoyed by how everyone friended everyone, it became a race to get the most friend or promote stuff on other people's wall. It ruin the fun for me so I left. I haven't settle with anything else since, I post in a lot of different places, I use twitter, facebook, tumblr, livejournal, blogspot, wordpress and now I settled myself here. But every blog I've ever wrote or post anything in has a trace of me. And it's kinda sad to know that they're closing (or transforming into an online market - whatever). Especially I used to put everything about my life on there - EVERYTHING. From stuff that I make myself to music that I listen to, from photos of my house to photos with friends and family, from fandom stuff to real life rants and stories aaahhh... I miss it. Sometimes I look for something that I remember I post there, and I have to go through several pages to finally find it. At times I got lost in my own posts, reading through my memories of the past and stories of the old times. The site might go down - but the memories won't.
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13 February 2012 @ 02:12 pm
This is a decision that I *might* regret later on. Not because it's a bad one, but because I know, this decision might lead me to something I can't control. I can only hope I wouldn't be crazy obsessed about it. Yesterday, I've offered my help for one of Sharon Needles fan blogs on tumblr, fuck-yeahsharonneedles. There are a lot of fan blogs of hers, but this is the one I've been following. Plus, looking at the page they already have 4 people as their group members, which means there is a big possibility that they'll let me in, rather than if I apply to help to a one man blog. So I observe the blog to check who is in charge amongst the 4 of them, whom I could message to beg to join? Hmm. I decided to send a message to a girl who seemed to post the most. She has no problem with me joining, and a couple hours later ... I was in.

I actually have some advices to these kids though. I'm a fuck yeah blog veteran so I know my way around it.

taxcha's wise words )
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07 February 2012 @ 08:47 am
(1) On Blogging
Yesterday I was re-visiting my old blog(s). Some of the entries are so much fun to read I was seriously considering to import my blog content from LJ to DW.
But soon I realized, I didn't want it. )

So yeah, I'd rather start a fresh new blog with a more positive attitude and forget about the dark past lol.

(2) Help! I might be obsessed with Sharon Needles!
I started watching season 4 of RuPaul's Drag Race without any expectation. I didn't try to find out who the contestants are beforehand, I didn't try to remember when the show will premier, I wasn't even sure if I'm going to watch it. Either I think that this season might be shitty, or IDK I was scared that I'm going to be overly obsessed about it just like last year.
turns out )

AAAND today is the airing of second episode!!! AAAAAHHHH *runs around in circle in excitement* Though I probably wouldn't be able to see it until I'm off work (or worse tomorrow, or even worse til the download link appears which is only god knows when) *sobs*.

I might will start using creepy icons of her and start making picspams of 'Sharon Needles moments' episode review or something.
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