28 June 2013 @ 10:36 pm
Earlier I was so excited to go straight home from work. I usually don't do that, because of the horrible traffic of Friday night. Normally I go home to my tiny apartment room, and go home to my parents' very early on Saturday morning. Peaceful and free of traffic jams. But this I week I just couldn't wait anymore. I want to go home. I want to be home, I want to start working on my art projects and be lost in my own imagination. I want to be surrounded by things that triggers my creativity.

So there I went, half-running to the taxi queue at the west gate of Plaza Indonesia, hoping that the line isn't so long, and the traffic isn't so bad. It took me 2 hours to finally reach home. I was so so so happy to be home, to talk with my parents and sister, to eat home cooked foods, to sleep in my bed. I was just so happy to be home, the 2 hours and 7 dollars trip was worth it.
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24 June 2013 @ 09:59 pm
Lately I am hooked with swapping things with people around the globe.

At first I was crazy about this application called Rando, what it does is that you send one picture to a random person all over the world, and you'll get one back in return. You can only send a real time photo from your phone, no saved photos, no filters, no zooms. Sometimes you get unique, interesting photos from different countries, but many of the times you get mediocre photos from South Korea, lol. (No, seriously like more than half of the users are from South Korea)

Here are some of my favorites that I got from all over the world!

Art Swap
[profile] krissaur saw my post about distress inks and she asked me if I want to do art exchange with her. OMG! The last time I did art exchange was sometime in 2009, I was so excited when she asked. Sadly I don't have all of my art stuff with me at my apartment room, so I have to wait til weekend to do it.

I saw Esti tweeted about postcrossing the other day, and I was intrigued. In this digital era when people talk to each other online, snail mail has became a rare thing. Postcrossing's concept is that you send one postcard to a person, and get one random postcard in return. I went to several stationery and book stores near my office yesterday, but there are no good Indonesian-themed postcards out there. I live in Jakarta and I wish to find anything that depicts Jakarta but alas, the ones available is a photo of Bunderan HI from 20 years ago with a bad quality print. Seriously, this concerns me.
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21 June 2013 @ 07:02 pm

1. Was the Spaghetti Aglio Olio of Ninety-nine restaurant aka my dinner yesterday
2. I started to save my 20Ks again. I did before with my sister (she used our saving to buy a PS3 in the end lol).
3. Have I ever told you about my precious Distress Inks collection being lost in the process of sending them from Japan to Jakarta? Well this, was my revenge to get them back in my life.
4. Oolong Tea I bought at Breadtalk, had it for lunch today along with some breads from Breadtalk.
5. My Ceci arrived on Tuesday!! LOVE.
6. More Distress Inks and Stains from today (... I know, I have a problem)
7. If I have told you that I have all colors of Sarasa pen there is, would you believe me? (The answer is you shouldn't because I don't have the dark blue)
8. My work table yesterday
9. When I passed by Periplus on Wed I couldn't help but noticed that they have Wreck This Journal on their shelf! I've been wanting this journal I even made a stupid version of it myself when I was still in Japan. I grabbed it and I'm excited to start journaling in it! :D

Also my XOXO package came in the mail when I got home today!

Oh and the most important event of the week! IS! That my best friend [personal profile] fe came back from Japan and I had a fun dinner and a visit to her room on Monday :D I'm going to Bandung tomorrow with my parents, hopefully it will be a good trip and the traffic is not so stressful.
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