23 August 2017 @ 05:21 pm
More Photobucket problem  
Photobucket really gave me headache with this change. I said before that I don't care that much, but it turns out that what people are saying is true, we can't even download our own images off of their site. I thought it was just a temporary problem/glitch back then when they just imposed the new terms and conditions. The rush of people trying to access their accounts at the same time caused the error. But no, even now, months after, I always get that "hmm something didn't click" message. I tried accessing the site with different IP address, different browser, still nothing! Not even individual right-click-save works on their site.

I want to start making icons again and I need to fix my graphics comm to post them, so I really need to decide what I'm going to replace Photobucket with. I tried other image hosting sites, but now all sites are using random URL generated from their system, and none has simple url.com/username/folder/filename.jpg, which I thought would be best and easiest way to replace my images. I tried imgur, nickpic, imagebb, I even tried cloud storage cloudinary only to get frustrated on how to figure out simplest things. I'm clueless at coding, javascript etc, I only know simple CSS and HTML and I want to continue with what I know. I just need a simpler and cheaper solution to host images. I contacted several hosting companies but they all said I can't buy their hosting just for storage. Plus they have strict rules on copyrighted stuff which is a gray area for me because the things I want to host are mostly altered version of copyrighted stuff. Even when they aren't copyrighted, they still aren't mine.

I did more research and thought fuck it, I'll buy a hosting package, make one page of website and host all of my stuff there. I bought 1 year worth of unlimited hosting + 1 year domain registration for $40, if this doesn't work out then I'll say good bye. I created folders and started to upload some of my stuff yesterday. I had to say, it's amazing! Using CPanel is super easy and smooth, I can create folders and upload images like a breeze. My URLs are short, customizable and easy to incorporate to my blog post HTML coding. I can use simple find and replace function. In the next days I will try to figure out my photobucket folders organization and which images need replacing.

In the meantime, I also found someone sharing on LJ a chrome extension to fix photobucket images so other than my mood theme, at least for now I can view my pages normally. Speaking of, to fix my mood theme I will need to purchase two paid DW accounts, one for my blog and one for my graphics comm. I can buy the cheapest one which is a one month paid service for only $3, but to be honest I want a new mood theme. I've searched many places but most mood communities in LJ are dead, and the active ones don't have anything that interest me. I can use something generic like cute, girly or pink theme, but since both my blog and graphics comm are mostly fandom-related, I need a fandom mood theme. My current fandom is BTS so I will need to make a BTS or V mood theme. Creating a mood theme is such a task. There are 132 moods, it takes my perfectionist ass forever to make a simple one. I don't know how people manage to make many gif mood themes in short period of time.
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