26 October 2013 @ 10:26 pm
So lately because of postcrossing, I've been sending a lot of postcards - handmade or not - to many other postcrossers. Dhani, my colleague at work said that a lot of people are posting their pics of card they offer on instagram and doing swaps from there. She convinced me to make an account to post my cards, and I did.

I was too naive though, I wrote that I would love swaps and I post my best handmade works, thinking that they would attract people with similar hobby/interest/art style. Turns out, so many people wants to swap with me. But the catch is ... they don't make handmade postcards. I doubt they make handmade anything. One of them even called my cards "DIY cards" which ... is not a term I'd prefer. Now I've abandoned the account and kind of regret making one :/

Different case, but similar - on postcrossing. As a crafter that I am, I feel offended when people say they don't like handmade cards just because we don't spend money buying it at the store. "I spent money buying cards, and I should receive something equal in return". Well here's the deal; handmade cards are far more valuable than your store bought cards because not only the supplies to make it could be very expensive, it also involves time, energy and LOVE to make. It definitely needs more effort to make than just going to your local bookstore to buy some standard touristy postcards. I, for one, would NEVER send anyone a shitty card. I will tailor it according to what the receiver might like, I will spend a whole lot of time trying to think of the design, the concept and the details. And there would be only ONE of them in the world, I just don't get why some people seems to really hate handmade cards.
Current Mood: bitchy
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