06 August 2017 @ 07:31 pm
I'm back from my last trip to where I lived the past month. Finally finished moving everything by my own bare hands.

Anyway, I asked the owner to help me plug an LED lamp that I brought from home because I needed my room to be brighter that how it was. It's a high-ceiling room so I couldn't possibly plug it by myself. Now that I'm moving out, I want that lamp back so I asked the lady who works there. She said "there's no male worker right now, it's impossible for us girls to unplug it". I went back to my new place thinking I might just forget about the lamp. But then I researched how much that lamp costs, and it's not a cheap Rp. 20K lamp, it's a proper LED lamp with a market price of Rp. 80K - 100K. Mostly I felt bad for my dad because I took that lamp from his lamp stash, he'd want me to continue using it.

So I went back to that place while wondering if there is any way I could unplug the lamp by myself. I don't mind taking a ladder up to do it, but I'm not sure if I have enough stamina and strength to bring a ladder four long flight of stairs up (and later on back down). I thought I saw an aluminum ladder near the reception before, I tried to take a peek as I passed by. I reached my room and ponder more. Nobody can tell me I can't do it. Once I managed to take the documents that I forgot on my desk at school from inside a locked classroom, by stealing the key from a locked management room using MacGyver techniques.

I thought, if I move the table a bit, the cupboard a bit, then I can climb them and reach the lamp! I thought that's an idea worth exploring so I turned on bathroom lamp to get light, and turned the main lamp off. As I was doing that, there was a knock on the door. It was the lady explaining that she'd try to get someone unplug the lamp, but it's not going to be tonight. She also persuaded me to stay and showed me another room for the last time before I left forever lol.
Current Mood: accomplished